Sunday, 12 April 2009

Michael White = Tool (and not the useful sort)

In his article White claims that McBride and Draper were contemplating creating 'Red Rag', in order to "create a leftwing counterweight to the right's dominance of the political blogosphere".

That's complete bollocks and White knows it, they were engaged in dirty tricks of the lowest order, dredging the bottom of the barrel for slurs and insults. Making excuses for McPoison and his cronies is hardly going to wash these days, everyone knows Labour is rotten to the core and can smell the foul stench of corruption, incompetence and lies that emanates from the halls of power.

He then tries to justify this devious behaviour by claiming that the Media is anti-Left.

"He shouldn't have been dabbling in what sounds like squalid stuff, but it helps to understand why people like him do what they do. They do it to protect their boss and undermine opponents whom they think enjoy an unfair advantage in a corrupted media environment".

That's hardly true, and instances of political corruption arising out of the Westminster bubble are far more common. Just because Labour can't string a half decent blog together because they don't know their arse from their elbow, doesn't mean that the media is corrupt. It just shows Labour for what they are - incompetent, authoritarian bastards who like to engage in defrauding taxpayers.

The Devil does a far better job of tearing into White's argument apart over at his place.

He just doesn't get it!

Brown plans an army of teen volunteers

The Italians have tried it

I find it incomprehensible that an educated career politician like our Dear Leader Brown should misunderstand the meaning of two very simple words. The first being VOLUNTARY , meaning actions done in accordance with the conscious will of the individual. The second being COMPULSORY, meaning mandated by legal process or by statute.

He is doublethinking and he is extolling newspeak.

Can he not see the difference? These are not going to be volunteers, they are going to be compelled to ‘volunteer’, that isn’t volunteering!

Is the Labour party struggling so much with youth recruitment that they have to compel young people into becoming Brown’s Brownshirts or the Labour Youth?

Monday, 23 March 2009

Brown on Terror

We are about to take the war against terror to a new level.

Seriously, FUCK OFF. We don't need to escalate this clusterfuck of a war any further. In fact, when the hell are we going to withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan?

The War on Terror is a complete fucking sham/scam, which has cost far too much in blood and money, fighting a mere concept. Illegal seemingly unending war and an increasingly totalitarian society are NOT the right ways to deal with the threat of terrorism. In fact, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have undoubtedly made the UK less secure and so more likely to be the target of a terrorist attack.

Thanks Tony and Gordon, what a legacy you have left us with. Cunts.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Quantitative Easing US Style

The Fed plans to inject $1.15 trillion (£808bn) into the US economy in an effort to reflate it's stalling economy.

That is a HUGE amount of money to be pumping into the system, it’s approximately ~10% of GDP!!
What a trillion dollars actually looks like.
Hopefully Bernanke and the other members of the Federal Open Markets Committee (FOMC) know what their doing. These efforts are to ward off the dangers of deflation; however such a surge in the money supply could lead to inflation accelerating inflation in the future, if this excess money is not ‘sucked out’ of the system when markets and the economy begins to recover. Quantitative easing now could be storing up inflation problems in the future. This coupled with higher taxes to pay off deficits that have been allowed to spiral, is not a pretty picture.

2m+ Unemployed & the IMF slam UK growth prospects

UK unemployment last month jumped at the fastest pace since records began
Not really all that surprising, what goes up inevitably must come down. And employment certainly is continuing that age-old trend. Unemployment will continue to rise for quite a while as time progresses and the recession deepens. That is the nature of the beast. 6.5pc is not all that high in comparison to France (7.9pc), the USA (7.6pc) or Germany (7.2pc) although we will catch up over the coming months.

Britain will take longer to recover from the recession than any other major economy, according to a leaked International Monetary Fund report.

Again this forecast does not surprise me, two of the main drivers of UK growth over the past decade have been in financial services and housing. Both of these sectors have so far bared the brunt of the downturn and will remain injured for some time. Where will growth come from for the recovery? I don’t know, but it is unlikely to come from the banks, seeing as the Government now has it’s grubby fingers clasped around them and will likely to be unwilling to release it’s grip soon, or from the housebuilders who are going to wait a while before the start new projects, as prices continue to head southwards.

The future doesn’t look too good at the moment, but we can be reassured by the fact that recessions do end, growth does pick up, unemployment falls and hopefully Brown & Darling are gone, before they can cause any more damage.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Stelzer attacks Brown

Respected American economist, Irwin Stelzer has come out and attacked Brown's premiership in this article for the Daily Telegraph.

Stelzer argues that despite Britain's current problems, the country can be fixed - but crucially NOT BY BROWN.

Brown's attempts to 'save the world' are distracting him from the task in hand - that is to deliver for the people of Britain. At the moment he is not doing this, and we are poorer, both financially and politically for it.

Time for an election, anyone?

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Brown on bonuses

Over at the Times our Dear Leader is empathising with the "millions of hard-working people" about how those nasty bankers that he claims have ruined the economy (No, it couldn't perhaps be anything to do with him, him being the Chancellor under Bliar) are now getting bonuses for their misdeeds. Obviously, our Dear Leader wants to distance himself from the fact that now UK PLC has a significant shareholding in many of the UK's highstreet banks, and so is in effect paying these nasty bankers such sums.

However, his analysis forgets to mention one crucial nugget of information. If it had not been for his Government's insistence that all the banks needed saving by partial nationalisation, then there would not be such a 'moral hazard' of taxpayers paying bonuses. He has created this situation.

Also, if those nasty bankers realised that the taxpayer would not jump straight in when things had gone a bit pear-shaped, then perhaps the remuneration structure would have been slightly different. Bonuses might have been awarded for long term performance, as they would have known that in order to keep the gravy train rolling, the bank paying their bonus still had to be solvent!

Oh well, we can rest assured that "we are taking further steps towards building a successful, competitive and responsible financial sector of the future." Whatever that will mean.

Smoking status

Earlier today, I received a phone call from my GP’s surgery enquiring as to my “smoking status” that is whether I currently smoked or had done so in the past. I replied honestly that I did not smoke and the woman on the other end of the phone said “Good, right answer.” Now, whether I’m reading into this too much I do not know, but it seemed quite outspoken of her to suggest that by me not smoking I had got the answer ‘right’ and that had I been a smoker this answer would have been ‘wrong’

As far as I’m concerned, what business is it of the State to intrude into the private lives of its citizens and ask them such questions?

If I choose to smoke that is my business, I would go out to the shops buy a pack of cigs and a lighter and smoke happily away, however if I chose to do so, I’d be castigated every now and then by this anonymous receptionist sitting at the other end of the phone for choosing the ‘wrong’ answer. Furthermore, she stated that these smoking status requests would be made every year until I am 25!!

What next? Phonecalls checking when the last time I ate anything that the State deems ‘junkfood’

Smoking has now become Thoughtcrime.

Liberal Test

Have a go for yourself over at The Libertarian Party website

Created by LPUK


Welcome to my first blog – The Cynical Libertarian. This blog may change quite a bit initially until I am satisfied with it, as I’m new to the blogosphere any help would be appreciated.

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That’s it for now, more articles will be added as time passes and the news moves on.

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