Sunday, 12 April 2009

Michael White = Tool (and not the useful sort)

In his article White claims that McBride and Draper were contemplating creating 'Red Rag', in order to "create a leftwing counterweight to the right's dominance of the political blogosphere".

That's complete bollocks and White knows it, they were engaged in dirty tricks of the lowest order, dredging the bottom of the barrel for slurs and insults. Making excuses for McPoison and his cronies is hardly going to wash these days, everyone knows Labour is rotten to the core and can smell the foul stench of corruption, incompetence and lies that emanates from the halls of power.

He then tries to justify this devious behaviour by claiming that the Media is anti-Left.

"He shouldn't have been dabbling in what sounds like squalid stuff, but it helps to understand why people like him do what they do. They do it to protect their boss and undermine opponents whom they think enjoy an unfair advantage in a corrupted media environment".

That's hardly true, and instances of political corruption arising out of the Westminster bubble are far more common. Just because Labour can't string a half decent blog together because they don't know their arse from their elbow, doesn't mean that the media is corrupt. It just shows Labour for what they are - incompetent, authoritarian bastards who like to engage in defrauding taxpayers.

The Devil does a far better job of tearing into White's argument apart over at his place.

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