Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Stelzer attacks Brown

Respected American economist, Irwin Stelzer has come out and attacked Brown's premiership in this article for the Daily Telegraph.

Stelzer argues that despite Britain's current problems, the country can be fixed - but crucially NOT BY BROWN.

Brown's attempts to 'save the world' are distracting him from the task in hand - that is to deliver for the people of Britain. At the moment he is not doing this, and we are poorer, both financially and politically for it.

Time for an election, anyone?


  1. Was he not a little kind to Brown, tho? More than was deserved?

  2. Most socialists are internationalists. They can't help this sort of behaviour.

  3. Mara: Perhaps he was, however that is his opinion. I agree with his idea that Britain cannot be fixed by Brown, however not his elder statesman comments. Past performance is not always a good guide to future performance, however Brown's past performance has been so dreadfully woeful that I would not wish to see him return.

  4. dam well brown can't fix it.